The following data was extracted, by Poly-Bio-Marine, Inc. ® from tests conducted by:

UMDNJ (New Jersey College of Medicine & Dentistry)
Department of Pharmacology & Toxicology.

All tests were conducted under the direct control of the Director of the Toxicology dept., Mohamed S. Abdel-Rahman, Ph.D., B.C.F.E. The tests were conducted over a one year period in compliance with both EPA and ASTM anaysis methods. As a further point of information, all tests were performed on equipment factory recalibrated (prior to the onset of testing), by an operator / instructor uncer C.A.P. regulations (College of American Pathology). These tests were conducted for Poly-Bio-Marine, Inc. ® on both the Kold Ster-il ® System and the filtration media. The purpose is to obtain: 1) NSF, International Certification of both the system and media.. 2) U.S.D.A. direct food contact rating. 3) F.D.A. Rating as a direct food additive. For direct food and food processing water contact. The actual test documentation is available from Poly-Bio-Marine, Inc. ® for a $25.00 fee. Dr. Mohamed S. Abdel-Rahman summarized the test results for Poly-Bio-Marine, Inc.® Now these summarized results are available to those who purchase the Kold Ster-il ® Filtration System. All tests were conducted using ¾" npt. Pipe, flowing potable water under 40 psig., producing 3.8 gallons per minute flow rate. Every other manufacturer of home water systems use much lower flow rates i.e. 0.60 gallons per minute. The reason: van der Wal forces limitations. This translates as follows: 3.0-5.0 gallons per minute flow rate through 1 cubic foot of filtration media (7.5 gallons of volume of filtration media). Therefore, the other manufacturer's systems use carbon, ion-exchange resins, molecular sieve media, KDF or mixtures of various media which are limited in flow performance to 0.20-0.60 gallon per minute when placed in a ten or twenty inch cartridge. For a complete list of additional items sorbed or barrier restricted by the Kold Ster-il ® system, please contact: Poly-Bio-Marine, Inc. ® It is expected and understood that the purchaser/user will follow the manufacturer's instructions regarding timely replacement of the filter media. All plastic hardware components, including internal (U.S. Patent) retainer assemblies, are FDA approved materials. All components including filter media are manufactured in the United States of America. The Kold Ster-Il ® System, and all included filter media (3 types) pass NSF, International Standard 63 Extraction Requirements.

The Kold Ster-il ® Filtration System will sorb or  barrier restrict the following solutes or particulates from freshwater:

• Lead : 62.45% of 116.85 ng/ml flow rate 3.8 gpm @ 40 psig.
(P b) EPA Method 7421
Plus: 96% of the ramining lead. Flow rate 0.60 gpm.
NSF Standard 53b (heavy metals testing).

• Cadmium : 63.27% of 79.44 ng/ml flow rate 3.8 gpm @ 40 psig.
(Cd) EPA Method 7131
Plus: 91% of the remaining cadmium. Flow rate 0.60 gpm.

• Mercury : 63.74% of 122.86 ng/ml flow rate 3.8 gpm @ 40 psig.
(Hg) EPA Method 7471.
Plus 93% of the remaining Mercury. Flow rate 0.60 gpm.
NSF Standard 53b (heavy metals testing)

• V.O.C.'s : 74% of 347 ng/ml (level:90 ng/ml) EPA Permits 100ng/ml.
Method: Microextraction into pentane prior to GC/ECD.
Reference: Journal of Applied Toxicology, Vol. 2, No. 3, 1982.
Plus 82% Removal under NSF Standard 53b (cloroform surrogate testing).

• Additional : Presently Standards are not established by NSF, International for chemical filtration
Heavy media. EPA Standards have not been lowered below part-per-million (mg/L) level.

• Copper : *47% of 718 ng/ml (20 seconds) flow rate 3.8 gpm @ 40 psig.
(Cu) EPA Method 7210.
NSF Standard - not presently established.

• Iron : 21.5% of 272.14 ng/ml (34 seconds) flow rate 3.8 gpm. @ 40 psig.
(Fe) EPA Method 7359
NSF Standard - not presently established.

• Zinc : *17.14% of 242.10 ng/ml (34 seconds) flow rate 3.8 gpm @ 40 psig.
(Zn) EPA Method 7950.
NSF Standard - not presently established.

• *Note : If Copper & Zinc occur together in water, the synergistic effect enhances filtration as follows: Copper 61.8% of 211.73 ng/ml. Zinc 84.7% of 140 ng/ml. Flow rate 3.8 gpm @ 40 psig.

• Giardia Cryptosporidium 99.9% retention of live Cryptosporidium Parvum Cysts.
Tested according to U.S. EPA Guide Standard & Protocol for testing Microbilogical Purifiers