Poly-Bio-Marine, Inc. Celebrates
Poly-Filter's Twenty Years' Performance


Can your filter media manufacturer answer any of the following?
1.Which heavy metals are removed from fresh and synthetic seawater?

2.How does your filter media overcome physics, i.e., van der Waals' forces? (Flow Rate: 3-5 gpm per cubic foot of media - 1,728 cubic inches)

3.What EPA Sampling and Analysis Methods were used to test your filter products?

4.Will your filter system or your chemical filter medium pass NSAF, International's Standard 63 Leachable/Extraction Tests?

5.Does your filter media contain a disclaimer stating "this product for usage on ornamental fish only"?

6.Does your manufacturer provide a MSDS that shows and states that they are the original product manufacturer? Who actually made your product and for what purpose?

Poly-Bio-Marine's Answers - 1976-1996 MANUFACTURING FILTRATION MEDIA
1.PBM: We can tell you which trace metals our media sorb and those not sorbed under EPA Methods of Sampling and Analysis.

2.PBM: Our most recent patent teaches a method that our system and media use to overcome van der Waals' forces, i.e., 50 gpm flow rate per 198.67 cubic inches of media.

3.PBM: The competition hasn't run any EPA Methods. We can document every claim presently being stated!

4.PBM: All our filter media will pass NSF Standard 63 Test. Shouldn't your fish and invertebrates have access to water filtered through media capable of passing toxic leachable standards? Our products were tested under EPA Methods.

5.PBM: We do! We are the OEM manufacturer. We only manufacture filter products. All our filter products are listed as aquatic filters and test as nontoxic!

EPA Sampling and Analysis Methods

How much copper can your media sorb within 20 seconds
@ 232.2 gph out of tap water?

How much chelated Copper can your media sorb in 14 minutes and
16 seconds from synthetic seawater @ 232.2 gph (3.87 gpm)? EPA Method 7210

Did you know that adding calcium supplements puts additional lead into your marine or reef tank? How much of this added lead (Pb) can your filter media remove from synthetic seawater? EPA Method 7421

Does your carbon media really adsorb volatile organic chemicals? Did you know that chloroform (CHCI3) is used as a surrogate for volatile organics? How much chloroform can your carbon adsorb from water? EPA Method 502.1

EPA Method 7210
Poly-Filter sorbed 47.96% of 718.95ng/ml copper out of tap water, producing 374.09 ng/ml filtrate! (2) PMA 12/Pks sorbed 46.4% of 1570.16 ng/ml chelated Cu (CopperSafe) to produce 841.86 ng/ml filtrate @232.2 gph.

EPA Method 7421
Our standard Poly-Filter cut into discs (2.75" dia.) sorbed 63.47% of 248.38 ng/ml (lead) producing 90.72 ng/ml filtrate after 14 minutes and 16 seconds @ 232.2 gph flow rate. 8.12pH-8.39pH.

EPA Method 502.1
Our PMA 12/Pk sorbed 73.85% of 347.01 ng/ml chloroform (CHCI3) to produce a 90.71ng/ml chloroform filtrate. We produced potable water on a single pass! We know our data is more usable than pore sizes and volume ratings.

Note: ng/ml = µg/l
µg/l = part-per-billion